SplitPane is used to divide two components. The following one has two text-areas aligned top to bottom.

<splitpane orientation="vertical" divider="24">
  <textarea text="Top"/>
  <textarea text="Bottom" />

orientationchoicehorizontalThe splitpane orientation is either horizontal or vertical. By default the splitter is divided horizontally.
dividerinteger-1The location of the divider. A negative value implies the divider should be reset to a value that attempts to honor the preferred size of the two components.
name, enabled, visible, tooltip, property, width, height, colspan, rowspan, weightx, weighty, halign, and valign parameters are similar to component
F8Gives focus to splitter bar
Left arrow, up arrowSteps location of splitter bar in left/top direction
Right arrow, down arrowSteps location of splitter bar in right/bottom direction
HomeMoves splitter bar to left/top of splitter pane
EndMoves splitter bar to right/bottom of splitter pane
Tab, Shift-TabNavigate forward, backward