Powered by Thinlet

Powered by Thinlet

My Online Photo Album - John DeRegnaucourt
The new version of PhotoViewer is an explorer style applet for displaying digital photos.

XS/XXL Sudoku - Daniele Demichelis
It is a Sudoku game, you can play with grid whose dimension range from 4x4 to 25x25.

Thingw - Klaus Gotthardt
This Thin Gui Wrapper helps to create your own GUI around DOS programs and commands.

PrEd - Daniel Palomo van Es
It is a Java based graphical utility to find and edit Java property files in JAR, WAR, EAR and other kind of ZIP archives. It is the perfect tool for customizing Java applications, which use XML and Property files for their configuration.

jSuspect - Klaus Schmitt
It helps monitoring the availability of web resources. Instead of manually clicking links, jSuspect does regularly check any arbitrary URL (even through proxy) and notifies in case of an error. Administration of the server via a Thinlet web client.

ThinCLet - Koen Roevens
A ThinCLet component is a composite of Thinlet widgets. Custom properties and listener methods can be defined for a ThinCLet component.

Amazon Explorer Midlet - James Liddle
It is MIDP 1.0 compliant and has been designed with UIQ P800 / P900 P910 in mind.

Sketcher - Thor Harald Johansen
It is a multiuser realtime system for painting and chatting together. It features adjustable soft and hard brushes, Photoshop-style layers, zoom and IRC-styled chat.

Fut Manager - Daniel Destro

ThinG - a GUI Editor for Thinlets - Dirk Möbius
ThinG has been written in (almost) seven days, using JDK 1.4. Of course, it is written in Thinlet itself.

Genesis - Summa Tecnologies
It is a framework that aims to simplify development of client/server and desktop applications by integrating several other open-source products and extending them in innovative ways, resulting a very productive, scalable and testable development environment.

ServerWatcher - Kate Rhodes
It is a server monitoring tool that supports HTTP, HTTPS and ping methods of testing your servers. When a downed server is detected it will notify you via e-mail, AIM, or Yahoo Messenger. It can even send an SMS to your phone if your phone company has an e-mail to SMS service.

Gizmo Guitar Tablature Manager - Paul R. Johnson
This product is a new way for you to corral all your guitar tabs. Instead of printing them off, just so they can get lost, it organizes them into categories so it is easy to find exacly what you are looking for in an instant.

Smart Client Solution - Jonathan Gritzman
Describe a desktop application, rather than code it, using high level Model-View[using thinlet]-Controller building blocks described in an xml configuration file.

Keas Design - SFBell
Java Applications using Thinlet XUL.

Thinlet/JProxy/JBossMQ chat - Marat Bedretdinov
JProxy and Thinlet produces thin enterprise ready clients. A sample JMS (pub/sub) based chat, intergates Thinlet with thin Java Object Broker that exposes all J2EE API on the client side with the runtime under 120 KB.

Paint parameter demo - Mike Hartshorn
Prototype Thinlet version of the upcoming paint parameter.

ThinFeeder - Fabiano Franz
ThinFeeder aims to provide a cross-platform, powerful and tiny RSS / Atom aggregator.

Theodore, XUL Editor for Thinlet - Wolf Paulus
The Theodore Editor provides an easy to use all visual environment for Thinlet GUI development.

Emulab Client GUI - Timothy Stack
The Emulab Client GUI is a Java-based front-end to the Emulab network testbed.

RealChat and Skinlet project - Eugene Klein
Skinlet extends Thinlet to provide graphical skin support and a couple of minor ehancements. Skins consist of bitmap pieces and basic rules described in a text file.

Gehalt24.de, Jdtaus, ThinSQL, JLohn and BMI - Klaus Gotthardt
Gehalt24.de is a german tax calculation applet. Jdtaus can create German DTAUS files from any database and from Excel sheets. ThinSQL is a free applet-php_MySQL or applet-servlet utility that connects to an SQL server over the Internet. It can be used to add, remove, modify, and retrieve data. JLohn is a german payroll program. BMI calculates body mass index.

myWorkBase - Knowledge Navigator - Concord Consulting Group, Inc.
It is a commercial product for distribution and navigation of knowledge domains. You can think of it as a cross between eBook, RDF browser, electronic catalog and personal search engine.

Thinlet patches - Stephan Bielmann
Selectable/sortable tables, closable dialogs, and custom components receiving mouse events.

SMS messaging applet - Ben Dimock
ReachEverywhere specializes in delivering enterprise wireless solutions, this public applet sends SMS messages to cell phones.

Scriptable thinlet - Norbert Barbosa
Extended thinlet to add BSH (beanShell) script inside the XUL.

eBookCollector - Valentin Valchev
To manage your book collection with skinning support, advanced searching capabilities, and it is Amazon Web Services enabled.

Thinlet-Helper - Mauro Molino
A jEdit plugin for Thinlet development.

Doc Control Tool - Chris DeFreitas
Document control system with integrated chat capabilities.

CacheWolf - Marc Schnitzler
CacheWolf is an application to support paperless (geo)caching, it allows the user to download Cache information directly from geocaching.com

Blogmento - Jeremy Rayner
It is designed so that even a technophobe can start keeping a blog. Blog entries are held on your own computer, you can manage multiple blogs, and one button to publish.

Luke - Lucene Index Browser - Andrzej Bialecki
Luke is a diagnostic tool for Lucene indexes. It enables you to browse documents in the index, perform queries, navigate through terms, optimize indexes and more.

HSQLDB Database Manager - Campbell Boucher-Burnet
The first public prototype of the hsqldb database mamanger as a thinlet. HSQLDB is a relational database engine written in Java, with a JDBC driver, supporting a rich subset of ANSI-92 SQL.

PhotoViewer - John DeRegnaucourt
Explorer style PhotoViewer for displaying digital photos on your website. Includes a client for the web front end, and a server utility to generate thumbnails and screen size images from directories of master images.

Sign'nCrypt II - Digitaltrust
Digitally sign and encrypt documents, guaranteeing the authenticity, the origin and the integrity, fullfilling the requirements of the European Community and the Italian law.


Leveza Extrema com Thinlet - Java Magazine Brazil
Crie aplicações visuais leves com java e xml mas sem swing, com o Toolkit livre thinlet que separa a defi nição das telas da lógica de interação.

Rich Thin Clients mit Thinlet - Java Magazin Germany
Toolkit zur Programmierung von Benutzeroberflächen.

Building Easy Java GUIs with Thinlet, Part 1 - Keld Helbig Hansen Java Boutique


J2ME i forretningskritiske systemer - Helge Gundersen, Henning Kvalheim, Rune Melhus Norwegian

Rich User Interfaces with Thinlet - Koen Roevens BeJUG Workshop

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