Panel is a container with a layout manager similar to GridBagLayout. The following example is similar to BorderLayout. This panel has 5 components, the first row contains only the 'North' component, the second row has 3 components, and the last has only the 'South' one. The extra space is distributed to the 2nd row and the 2nd column. The gap between the components and on the border are 4pt.

<panel columns="3" gap="4" top="4" left="4" bottom="4" right="4">
  <textfield text="North" colspan="3" />
  <label text="East" />
  <textarea text="Center" weightx="1" weighty="1" />
  <label text="West" />
  <textfield text="South" colspan="3" />

columnsinteger0Specifies the number of available cells in a row. Default 0 value specifies 1 row and unlimited cell columns.
topinteger0The border gap from the top. It specifies the space that the panel must leave.
leftinteger0The blank space from the left.
bottominteger0The blank space from the bottom.
rightinteger0The blank space from the right.
gapinteger0The horizontal and vertical gap between components.
textstring The text string that the dialog title displays.
iconicon The icon image that the dialog title displays.
borderbooleanfalseBorder painted if true.
scrollablebooleanfalseIf present and set to true, add scrollbars to the panel if its contents is bigger than the panel's bounds.
name, enabled, visible, tooltip, property, width, height, colspan, rowspan, weightx, weighty, halign, and valign parameters are similar to component