A list allows the user to select one or more objects from a list, and internally handles scrolling. The following example list has three items, the first is selected and the last is disabled, allows to select multiple items.

<list selection="multiple">
  <item text="List" selected="true" />
  <item text="Item"/>
  <item text="Disabled" enabled="false" />

selectionchoicesinglePossible values are: single, interval, and multiple. The default single value allows to select one list item at a time, the interval value to select one contiguous range of items, and the multiple value to select one or more contiguous ranges of items.
linebooleantrueIf present and set to false, don't draw lines separating the list items.
name, enabled, visible, tooltip, property, width, height, colspan, rowspan, weightx, weighty, halign, and valign parameters are similar to component
actionCalls the method whenever the selection changes.
performCalls the method whenever a double-click event occurs.


List contains items, items display a short text string and an image and can be selected.

selectedbooleanfalseTrue if the item currently selected.
name, enabled, text, icon, alignment, tooltip, and property parameters are similar to combobox choice
Up arrowSelects previous item
Down arrowSelects next item
HomeSelects first item
EndSelects last item
Page UpSelects item one view up
Page DownSelects item one view down
+ShiftExtends selection
+CtrlSet lead item
SpaceSelects lead item
Ctrl-A, Ctrl-SlashSelects all
Ctrl-BackslashDeselects all
Tab, Shift-TabNavigate forward, backward