The following label displays a short text string and an image. Its content is centered both vertically and horizontally.

<label text="Label" icon="image.gif" alignment="center" />

textstring The text string that the label displays.
iconicon The icon image that the label displays.
alignmentchoiceleftThe alignment of the label's content along the X axis, vertically is centered. Possible values are: left, center, and right. The default value, if not set, is left. The image position horizontally left, above, and right relative to the text.
mnemonicinteger-1Specifies the underlined char in the label's text.
forcomponent Set the component this is labelling. The label will focus the component specified by its name when the mnemonic is activated.
name, enabled, visible, tooltip, property, width, height, colspan, rowspan, weightx, weighty, halign, and valign parameters are similar to component