July 15, 2005. Porsche Engineering developed a version of Thinlet based on MIDP. The source is available here.

March 28, 2005. Invoking a popup menu doesn't update the selection of a text (in a textfield, or textarea) or items (in a list, table, or tree) if the mouse was clicked inside the selection. Clips tabbedpane's painting area when all the tabs will not fit. Dotted rectangle is painted for focused components, it's more visible for checkboxes, radio buttons, textfields, and areas; moreover it's painted for empty lists, trees, and tables. Custom background and text color of textfields and textareas (and components including editable fields, and scrollable widgets' background) are considered.

February 27, 2005. Encoding declaration of the XML prolog is considered, thus you can use a different charset for internationalized content. The parse method consumes only the required length of a char array for text values. Use constant numbers or strings for event handlers. Text and circle rendering is done with antialiasing on J2SE by default (corrects the ugly radio button). Textfield alignment parameter added (combobox, spinbox, and passwordfield also support alignment). A default constructor is added, thus Javac 1.1 compiles it. The setComponent method updates the content. Progressbar's fault at '50' value is repaired. The getFont and getColor public methods are added. Menubar's placement attribute is deprecated. The secondary internationalization API has been removed.