Dialog is similar to panel, but it has border and title, and you can drag it.

textstring The title is displayed in the title bar.
iconicon An image to be displayed in the titlebar of the dialog.
modalbooleanfalseA modal dialog grabs all the input to the components behind the dialog from the user.
resizablebooleanfalseSet whether the dialog can be resized.
closablebooleanfalseSet whether the dialog can be closed by a button.
maximizablebooleanfalseSet whether the dialog can be maximized by a button.
iconifiablebooleanfalseSet whether the dialog can be iconified by a button.
columns, top, left, bottom, right, and gap parameters are described at panel
name, enabled, visible, tooltip, property, width, height, colspan, rowspan, weightx, weighty, halign, and valign parameters are similar to component
Tab, Shift-TabNavigate forward, backward inside the dialog
Ctrl-F6, Alt-F6, Ctrl-Shift-F6, Alt-Shift-F6Navigate forward, backward, outside of the non-modal dialog too