The first checkbox has a short text and an icon, its state is selected. The second one is a selected radio button, and the last is deselected. A set of radio buttons identified by the group string id.

<checkbox text="CheckBox" icon="image.gif" selected="true"/>
<checkbox text="RadioButton-on" group="group" selected="true"/>
<checkbox text="RadioButton" group="group"/>

textstring The text string that the checkbox displays.
iconicon The icon image that the checkbox displays.
alignmentchoicecenterThe alignment of the text and image similar to label. Possible values are: left, center, and right.
mnemonicinteger-1Specifies the index of underlined char and a key combination (Alt + char) which change the checkboxs's state and invokes the action listener.
selectedbooleanfalseThe state of the checkbox. True if the checkbox is selected, false if it's not.
groupstring Identifies the radio button group if not null. Only one radio button at a time can be selected. User can set on a radio button, the selected button of the group will be set off (the group members is searched only in the same parent).
name, enabled, visible, tooltip, property, i18n, width, height, colspan, rowspan, weightx, weighty, halign, and valign parameters are similar to component
actionInvokes the given method when the checkbox state is changed by mouse or keyboard event.
SpacebarSelects or deselects
Tab, Shift-TabNavigate forward, backward